Judging Criteria


Application section 

Maximum marks

Personal statement


Research Profile

-Research interests

-Research impact

-Research skills


100 (25 marks for each sub-section)

Indicators of esteem

-Recognition (awards/fellowships etc.)

-Community contributions

50 (25 marks for each sub-section)

Sub-sections are scored using the following scale: Excellent (21-25 marks); Very good (16-20 marks); Good (11-15 marks); Average (6-10 marks); Poor (0-5 marks).

Letter of recommendation is not scored but will be used as reference material in the event of a tie to help the judges to reach a decision.

Research communication challenge

Scoring sections

Maximum marks

Connected with the audience: how they introduce themselves and their research.


Research story: Was the research story easy to follow? Was their research story/argument persuasive? Did they explain the problem the research was trying to address and/or its relevance? Did they explain how they tried to address the problem / answer the research question of interest? Did they explain the impact/significance/benefits of their research effectively?


Language: Language: Was the language easy to understand and was it appropriate for a lay audience? Was the communication style balanced between being over-simplified and over-complicated? Was the language engaging e.g. visual language? Were any complex terminology, acronyms or abbreviations explained (if used)?


Key message: What was the key/takeaway message of the research? Did they explain this well? Having watched the video, how well could you summarise or explain their research to someone else?


Production value: Originality of communication style, effects and imagery used (e.g. animations, graphics, infographics, montages, background music, varying camera shots, cutaways, speaking directly to the camera, explaining research via imagery and voiceovers, interviewer-interviewee style format etc.)


Please note that the primary goal of the research communication challenge is to determine how effective the applicant is are at communicating complex research ideas/problems to a non-scientific audience. As a result, only a small percentage of marks will be awarded for production value.

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