Macular Carotenoids and AMD Conference

11th - 13th July 2018

Downing College, Cambridge University, UK

Thursday 12th July 2018

  • 07.30-
    Dining Hall
  • 8.00-9
    EIS Organised Event
    Howard Theatre
  • 09.00
    Session 6: Nutrition and Lifestyle for Brain Health
    Howard Theatre
  • Nutritional intervention to enhance cognitive function and prevent Alzheimer’s disease: a summary of studies from Waterford
    Professor Riona Mulcahy BON Conference Committee 2018, Consultant Physician, University Hospital Waterford, Age-Related Care Unit, Waterford, Ireland
    Howard Theatre
  • Dementia of the Eye- Alzheimer’s-linked Amyloid beta proteins provide new insights into retinal degeneration
    Dr J. Arjuna Ratnayaka University of Southampton, UK
    Howard Theatre
  • Genomic approaches revealing the action of foods on brain function and disease
    Professor Fernando Gomez-Pinilla University of California Los Angeles, USA
    Howard Theatre
  • 10.30
    Grace Howard Room
  • 11.00
    Session 7: Innovations for Cognitive Health- Take 1
    Howard Theatre
  • A Decade of Research on Lutein and Cognition
    Professor Elizabeth Johnson BON Conference Committee 2018, Jean Mayer USDA, Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging,Tufts University, USA
    Howard Theatre
  • Nutrition for the ageing brain: The impact of polyphenols on cognitive health
    Dr David Vauzour University of East Anglia, UK
    Howard Theatre
  • Nutritional Cognitive Neuroscience: Innovations for Healthy Brain Aging
    Professor Aron K Barbey University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
  • 12.30
    Finger Buffet Lunch
    Grace Howard Room
  • 13.30
    Session 8: Investigator Poster Session
    Howard Building First Floor
  • 15.00
    Grace Howard Room
  • 15.30-
    Keynote Lecture 2: Understanding Alzheimer’s as a Disease of Chronic Oxidative Stress
    George Perry Ph.D. University of Texas at San Antonio, USA
    Howard Theatre
  • 18.00
    Group Photo
    Howard Court Lawns
  • 18.15
    Gala dinner drinks reception
    Fellows Lawn
  • 19.30
    Gala Dinner
    Downing College Dining Hall
  • 21.30
    Cash bar until midnight
    Howard Building

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