Macular Carotenoids and AMD Conference

11th - 13th July 2018

Downing College, Cambridge University, UK

Breaking News: 260 days to the 3rd International Macular Carotenoids Conference in Cambridge

Please be reminded that the date for the 3rd International Macular Carotenoids Conference is 8th- 10th July 2015. Please add these dates to your calendar as we hope to see you in Cambridge next year. We are pleased to announce that the Sessions for the 3-day programme are finalised and are summarised as follows:

Session 1: Macular Carotenoids: Source

Session 2: Macular Carotenoids: Predictors and Functions

Session 3: Investigator Presentation Session

Session 4: Investigator Poster Session

Session 5: Alzheimer’s Disease and Cognitive Function

Session 6: Carotenoid Nutrition and Brain

Session 7: Macular Carotenoids: Clinical Studies

Session 8: Investigator Poster Session

Session 9: AMD

Session 10: Carotenoids for Infants

Session 11: Panel Q & A with Session Chairs

We will soon publish the invited speaker list.

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